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August 2013




Visits for year 2009

Visits for year 2009


Visits from the beginning

The visibility trend of the site is not linear but fluctuating, and the main reason is the periodic lack of updates in site's contents (due to our lack of time), which provokes a sort of disappointment in regular visitors.

Another reason of fluctuation is due to the migration of the site from a provider to another. Recently (08/2009) we have changed our hosting for the third time in our life. Such migrations bring to us a lot of unwanted work in order to adapt the website's technical parameters, to re-configure services, databases, etc.

The lowest relative peak was reached during july 2002, because of the site's transfer to a new provider. Another, even more impressive negative peak was reached during a second, dramatic migration to a new hosting, from the end of April to July 2008 (red dotted line). For the months of April and May we weren't able to collect web server's logs. Such events are critical and always real (together with hacker attacks, i.e. in November-December 2003), and are responsible of the major fluctuations in site's visibility: the whole second part of 2008 was characterized by such fluctuations.

High positive peaks were reached during May 2003 and December 2006, but they probably corresponds to concurrent massive scans performed by search engine spiders. Just starting with January 2007 begins a negative trend that ends precisely at the site's migration of 27th April 2008: throughout such period the server's performances have gradually deteriorated to the point of forcing our provider to shut down the machines. Once the migration was completed, however, new wide fluctuations have re-appeared. In the last period, the trend seems to have returned positive, with a peak in January 2009 with almost 1,000 daily visitors.

As for the non-human traffic, search engine spiders are always very dynamic and able to score each month more than twice the human traffic, increasing the site's monthly traffic at 6.34 GB of data transmitted during January 2009.

Overall, apart from the peaks, the bugs and the extraordinary problems, the visibility trend of the site remains positive and highly interesting if referred to the specialistic nature of the site.

Gian Luca Agnoli


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