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Your web resource on Hymenoptera Chrysididae and Macrophotography Roadmap: done and to do

The following registry reports the roadmap for the development of website, in particular it shows the webmaster activities for future implementations. development roadmap


To do

Database of the European Chrysididae

status: under design. A challenge for the end of 2013.

Database of the Italian Chrysididae (improvements)

Some helpful improvements, relative to the map, reference links and so on. Status: testing.

Macrophoto Contest


status: under construction DELAYED why?
expected for: 02/2008 first semester 2008

Starting in 2009, launches a photographic competition ending at the end of the year, open to all the macrophotographers. The contest, completely free, will let visitors participate with their best shots and will be rated by the same site users.



Flickr Image Search

status: done!

status: ABANDONED (we are implementing the "reference links" feature right in the species report)
expected for: 06/2009

We aim to provide a page able to show the images of Flickr - the world's biggest site for image sharing. This page will let you see the photos on the base of some keywords according to the philosophy of site. Forum

expected for: 06/2009 12/2010 done! ForumIt's time to plan the integration of a Forum (Bulletin - or Message - Board) into website. It's a long time that we know that, but for some reasons we never decided to set it up, due to lack of time and so on. But it's the Web 2.0 era, and now we cannot delay a such service that will add a true website-user interacion. With the hope of a strong participation by everybody!

RSS Feed for the News

expected for: 04/2008 first semester 2008 06/2009 done!

[Valid RSS]According to Wikipedia, RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication and it indicates a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. RSS is used nowadays to manage one or more news flows coming out from web newspapers, portals and sites. A special program, called feed- or news- aggregator, is able to catch those feeds in order to periodically bring them to the user's personal computer.


expected for: 03/2008 first semester 2008 done!

We will add a page for visitors' comments, the so-called Guestbook, where regular visitors and surfers are able to leave a comment or a suggestion. For obvious reasons, we will filter those messages not in line with the spirit and the topics of the site. Restyling 2009Site restyling

expected for: 01/2008 first semester 2008 11/2008 done! website up to 2008 was written with HTML 4.01 Transitional language, which was making a good job but it has become obsolete. Moreover, the page structure was made with tables, in line with the fashion of some years ago, and this solution has become deprecated. In a third instance, the formatting elements for text and images (i.e. fonts, colors, alignment, dimensions, etc.) were repeated in each page and embedded inside the code. All these facts were going against the rules of websites accessibility, that requires websites to load quickly, to be clean from deprecated elements and easy to surf by everybody, even by those people affected by visual or motor deficits.

With the site re-design we look forward to making a big jump in the direction of accessibility. We will not - for the moment - write a completely accessible website. But we start going in that direction, by adopting a more modern layout based on XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2 and by enhancing the usability of the site's areas.

External links: Accessibility, Usability, HTML, XHTML, CSS.

Database restyling

expected for: 11/2007 01/2008 first semester 2008 done!

We are working at a restyling of the species report on the Database of the Italian Chrysidids. In particular, we introduce a placeholder - and in future also the contents - for two additional images, one for the chorology and one for the species habitus - the photo of a specimen in dorsal view. Further on we will insert also some more images, starting with the macrophotos of the living specimens in their natural environment.


Site search function

expected for: 01/2008 first semester 2008 09/2008 done!

Together with the site restyling we will add the site search function, powered by Google. This function will be immediately visible at the top of each page and will let you search the entire website for the keyword(s) you enter.

Open access to the Database

expected for: 11/2007 12/2007 done!

We will make the Database of the Italian Chrysidids and the Database of the Chrysidid Bibliography open and easily accessible, without the need of the boring login through username and password. New users will not need to enroll and the existing users will not need to remember their username and password any more. The login data for the current users will be maintained with the only purpose of sending them the periodic Newsletter.


Some more ideas? Suggestions are welcome!

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