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Your web resource on Hymenoptera Chrysididae and Macrophotography

Acknowledgments is grateful to many valuable scientists and pleasant visitors for their precious collaboration and for the resources inspired by them, either for the bibliographical database and for the iconography. Among these wishes to openly thank [in alphabetical order]:

  • Alexandre Anichtchenko (Russia)
  • Hans Arentsen (Holland)
  • Christoph Bleidorn (Germany)
  • Paul Butler (USA)
  • Sytske Dijksen (Holland)
  • Luciano Filippi (Italy)
  • Robert Ganz (USA)
  • Andrej Gogala (Slovenia)
  • Hans Henderickx (Belgium)
  • Maarten Jacobs (Belgium)
  • Daan Kalmeijer (Norway)
  • Lynn Siri Kimsey (USA)
  • Johann-Christoph Kornmilch (Germany)
  • Marek W. Kozlowski (Poland)
  • Peter Kubal (USA)
  • Roeland Langendam (Holland)
  • N. Larsen (S.Africa)
  • Yvonnik Lhomer (France)
  • Stephen Lenberger (USA)
  • Oliver Niehuis (Germany)
  • Maurizio Pavesi (Italy)
  • Alessio Perboni (Italy)
  • Christian Schmid-Egger (Germany)
  • Franco Strumia (Italy)
  • Viera Vodrazkova (Italy)
  • Beat Wermelinger (Switzerland)
  • Rolf Witt (Germany),

and many others.

With gratitude,



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