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Database of the Italian Chrysididae

The Database of the Italian Chrysididae has the goal to collect all the information on the chrysidids of the Italian fauna, particularly rich and differentiated. Up to now, the list comprises 260 taxa, comprising 214 species and 46 subspecies.

Our species list is based on the Checklist of the Italian fauna by F. Strumia (19951) and following updates (Strumia 20012, 20053) and on other recent studies on the Italian fauna4-8.

The distribution data for the Administrative divisions are drawn from the literature and from the inspection of private9 and public10 collections. The effort of database filling has started in 2002 and will go on with the inspection of further collections, in order to confirm, correct and integrate the current data.

The information are constantly upgraded and revised and presented in reports per species dealing with the systematic position, the geographic distribution, and the biology. The reports are loaded in this page after clicking the species names from the list at the left. In the list at the left, if you click a Genus box, the correspondant species list will expand; if you click it again, the species list will collapse.

A key for the identification of the Italian genera of Chrysidids is available (in Italian language only).

A help page explains in detail the meaning of all the entries used in the species report.

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